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> I think it is a good idea for Gundam to be releaed on DVD in the US, but I
> see no point in releasing them on LD since the US LD market is dead. I always
> wanted an LD player, but couldn't affored one. Same goes for DVD. Most US
> citizens have VCR's, but don't want/can't justify buying one for just movies.
> I wish they would come out with a DVD player or a digital medium that plays
> movies and can record TV shows like a VCR, but that will replace the VCR, not
> just turn into another niche market/product. Digital is the way to go, but
> unless theirs a Digital medium that replaces the VCR, DVD or any digital
> medium will not get the attention that a VCR does, even though DVD is better.
> If I could buy a DVD player that plays DVD's and that can record TV shows
> like a VCR can, then I would scrape together money and some how one, if it
> can replace my VCR and be widely recognized and replace the VCR as the main
> movie and recording medium. I wholeally agree that DVD and LD is better, but
> not if I still have to use my VCR to record TV show. VHS tapes may not last
> forever and VCR's do wear out, but with a VCR I can play movies and record TV
> shows. Sorry for the long post, OT, rant,. I hope that didn't sound rude or
> anything :)

You don't know what ugly would be until you tried recording DVD on the fly.
Remember those early DVD demo discs? I saw one with a geisha-looking girl
walking through a garden. The camera wasn't moving. The compression froze
everything that didn't need to be updated and left a rolling halo of updated
pixels around the girl. She looked fine, her halo was weird, and the rest
looked like a frozen frame on a laserdisc. Goddamn, I'd rather have VHS
than that crap. The only reason DVDs look good at all is the hours that are
put into finding spots to compress more than others. If you're watching a
show for the first time you'd have no idea what to spend disc space on and
what to crush. I wish they'd make a recordable digital drive, too, but not
one with that hellish MPEG2 compression on it. By the way, I hate DVD.


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