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> > I'll second that. I love my LDs, but if you're holding your breath for
> > AnimeVillage to release titles on laser, you might also want to look
> > forward to anime soundtracks on eight-track tape.
> >
> > -- Mark
> >
> I'm not holding my breath, but the vast majority of my collection is in Japan
> released LDs. I'm finding it next to impossible to fill the holes I have in
> my Wing collection. I have only volume 1. Alfred has thankfully help me
> acquire vol. 1 of Gundam X, which is the only one I was missing from X. I
> have Gundam I, II, III, Zeta, G, and fist two volumes of 0083 (VHS). With CCA
> soon to come (also VHS).
> SJ

Tell about it. Between Anime Plus (in Northridge) and Asahiya (in Little
Tokyo) I can get just about any LD under the sun, used or new. If I'm a
little patient. And with Ken Crane's, Dave's Video and Laser Blazer I will
keep away from DVDs as long as I can. I just need the first half of the
MSG box set and a few Evangelion discs and I'm all caught up. And the last
couple of 08th MS Team, too. I love how manufacturers and retailers say
that DVD is so fucking popular without mentioning that they're padding that
popularity by removing all LDs and players from their shelves so that there
is only one option. Look at that, everyone is buying DVDs! And it has
nothing to do with the fact that we're refusing to carry LDs, no sir.


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