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> ou can still get the new releases on LD through Ken Crane's at a good
> price (http://www.kencranes.com) - get on their ML if you haven't already,
> you'll get a list of new releases every week. Occassionally they also have
> blow-outs at incredible prices.
> Personally I think AV.com should do LDs, since this is a perfect format for
> anime, because there are no side flipping issues for OVAs that come in 30
> minute episodes. It becomes a bigger issue when we're talking about 2-hour
> features.

I think it is a good idea for Gundam to be releaed on DVD in the US, but I
see no point in releasing them on LD since the US LD market is dead. I always
wanted an LD player, but couldn't affored one. Same goes for DVD. Most US
citizens have VCR's, but don't want/can't justify buying one for just movies.
I wish they would come out with a DVD player or a digital medium that plays
movies and can record TV shows like a VCR, but that will replace the VCR, not
just turn into another niche market/product. Digital is the way to go, but
unless theirs a Digital medium that replaces the VCR, DVD or any digital
medium will not get the attention that a VCR does, even though DVD is better.
If I could buy a DVD player that plays DVD's and that can record TV shows
like a VCR can, then I would scrape together money and some how one, if it
can replace my VCR and be widely recognized and replace the VCR as the main
movie and recording medium. I wholeally agree that DVD and LD is better, but
not if I still have to use my VCR to record TV show. VHS tapes may not last
forever and VCR's do wear out, but with a VCR I can play movies and record TV
shows. Sorry for the long post, OT, rant,. I hope that didn't sound rude or
anything :)


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