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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 07:53:37 -0700 (MST)

> > Government? What if the people got so sick and tired of the environmental
> > travesety of the Gundam Fights/Wars that they took matters into their own
> hmm... yeah? But that's a political decision right? Not a designed
> product of technology itself. So you are agreeing with me? Sorry it's

  Yes! It makes sense.

> > improve much, but certain very-important techs might persist simply
> hmm... I have to admit that's been the historical pattern so far. But
> can't we imagine (at least in an anime) a world in which technology is
> democratized but still develop expontentially?

  We can imagine it, but the problem is that R&D takes money and time and
requires someone to 'subsidy' scientists and engineers who are not
producing anything "This minute" so that they can produce something
_maybe_ a few years down the road.
  I don't see this thing happening at our modern-rate in a happy pastoral
utopia where people only make tech 'on the side' for the bare-necessities
of life.

> > of 17th century phase...
> What?! do u have some illusion about the 17C? Look at Yugosalvia and
> Russia today, they are probably sociopolitically in a sort of 17th century

  Hrm... You know, I'm going to have to hold off on speculating on the
Turn-A government until I hear a liiiittle more about the series. It could
be anything from a sort of neo-grecian-democracy to petty autocrats like
those of the 17th century to something of an enlightened-communism... who

> > important... but in another way it's VERY important. Gundam, like it or
> > not, was a hardware show,
> I like it I like it!

  We all like it!

> which is exactly what i've been saying too. Tech is a necessary tool for
> the Answer, but it won't give you the Answer by itself.


> > I think nothing fits this idea better than the concept of "Newtypes",
> Hrmm! I am running out of things to disagree with you. So I have to
> nickpick with you here. You honestly think that Newtype is about a user
> interface? I think it's pretty clear there is some level of psychic
> and/or telepathic (or as some says, tele-empathic) power. That's

  Yes and no.
  I think NT didn't _start_ out as simply a mecha-control system... but
over time, any time you hear the word "Newtype" it INVARIABLY began to
mean "Some sort of overpowered psycho-soldier who uses his mind to control
weaponry" It seems to have rapidly lost its deeper psychological impact as
Gundam went on... see my Fanfic "Xerxes" for some ideas on how the NT idea
could have been used better! After awhile, it seemed like the only purpose
of NTs were to serve as pilots for progressively wackier and more powerful
gimmick-laden mobile suits.

> is just a UI, then it's kinda silly to build a spacenoid philosophy (or
> fanaticism) around it, right? Imagine Char screaming to his followers:
> "The Fed has oppressed us super-soldiers long enough!".

   I think _that_ particular concept died kinda fast. It appears again in
F-91, but NTs are _still_ basically mondo-mecha pilots and not really any
sort of obviously enlightened superevolved beings or something.

> yeah... i think you are right. Which is why I think Tomino wasted a
> great concept. But we went down that road already not so long ago.


> > influenced a generation of Japanese kids to become obsessed with
> > technology as a sort of materialistic crutch for a deep-seated spirtual
> well, I doubt that. Not even the most influencial SF writer (Western or
> Eastern) can honestly say that s/he has influenced the outlook of a
> generation of kids. If anything, his early shows might have helped

 I dunno... what about "Star Trek"? I think of Gundam as the Japanese
version of the same sort of cultural phenomenon!

> > REJOICE brother! Raise your hand and bow your head to the Plastic
> > Warrior! Stand up to the Victory!
> O Lord Mecha! Deliver me from drudgery and unmassaged buttocks!

  The time is near! Rejoice and sing, for Potato-Chip IVs are soon to be

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