Re: [gundam] MG Gundams are coming to America, Read on!!

Ross Robert (
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 08:10:53 -0500

Kota Fujimura wrote:

> On Wed, 14 Apr 1999, Edward Ju wrote:
> > PS AnimeVillage home videos are now on retail shelves, I saw Esca & Gundam
> > in my local Asahiya... but I don't think they're in mass retailer chains
> > like Best Buy yet.
> Hm, I saw them on the shelves of Suncoast Video, if they can be considered
> "mass retailer chains". Well, at least it's a national chain...

    I picked up the movie box set at my local Suncoast. Was marked $59.99,
AnimeVillage's price, but rang up as $29.99. Course there were no complaints
here. :) Went by the next week, and they had another box set, this time actually
marked at $29.99.

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