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Mark Foster (
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 21:38:58 +1000

> >Just picked up the second issue of the Viz Comics translation of Kazuhisu
> >Kondoh's Mobile Suit Gundam 0079. Nice cover illo, Char's MS-06S Zaku II
> >in its gloriously distinctive "Red Comet" color scheme, done as a color
> >wash over B&W.
> The proportion looked weird, the arms appeared tiny and it lacked the
> sleek appearance of the classic Zaku II; it has that Volvo boxiness instead.
> >I only have one negative observation: either lose the "computer" MICR-style
> >font (Amelia, isn't it?) or stick to uppercase -- the lowercase is damn
> >near impossible to read!
> Did you notice that nearly all their readers' letters came from the GML
> (all credited as "via the Interneet")? Man, if these are the only people
> buying the Viz 0079 comic, I wonder if the series will meet a premature
> death, like the Samurai Spirits manga serialized in another Viz Publication
> called "Game On! USA"... speaking of which, these jerks still haven't
> refunded me the amount due on unserved issues!
> Eddie

Unless there's over 5000 of us I doubt it :) There were some figures
floating around on newsgroups recently from Diamond Distribution -
Gundam 0079 was placed 15th was something close to 5,200.
Other comics of note: Pokemon was no #1 with nearly 30,000, #2
Sailor Moon with over 20,000. Evangelion was #9 with nearly 9,000.
(These figures all came from a post by this matthigh person)

Mark-V (who has yet to get a copy of 0079 - damn money keeps
running out ;_;)
Mark Foster -,

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  trials humanity cannot avoid.'
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