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On Wed, 14 Apr 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:
> Government? What if the people got so sick and tired of the environmental
> travesety of the Gundam Fights/Wars that they took matters into their own
> hands and said "No more!"

hmm... yeah? But that's a political decision right? Not a designed
product of technology itself. So you are agreeing with me? Sorry it's
not so clear from your writing.

> own smaller farms as their 'main job'? Hence, tech probably wouldn't
> improve much, but certain very-important techs might persist simply

hmm... I have to admit that's been the historical pattern so far. But
can't we imagine (at least in an anime) a world in which technology is
democratized but still develop expontentially?

> and the fact that this new depopulated Earth is sociopolitically in a sort
> of 17th century phase...

What?! do u have some illusion about the 17C? Look at Yugosalvia and
Russia today, they are probably sociopolitically in a sort of 17th century

> important... but in another way it's VERY important. Gundam, like it or
> not, was a hardware show,

I like it I like it!

> So you see, the Technology, while not the focus, was
> definately a tool for the _story_ as well.

which is exactly what i've been saying too. Tech is a necessary tool for
the Answer, but it won't give you the Answer by itself.

> I think nothing fits this idea better than the concept of "Newtypes",
> people who's natural brainwaves can be used to merge their minds with
> advanced technology to create unimaginable power, and become living

Hrmm! I am running out of things to disagree with you. So I have to
nickpick with you here. You honestly think that Newtype is about a user
interface? I think it's pretty clear there is some level of psychic
and/or telepathic (or as some says, tele-empathic) power. That's
independent of whether the NT person is sitting in a mecha or not. If NT
is just a UI, then it's kinda silly to build a spacenoid philosophy (or
fanaticism) around it, right? Imagine Char screaming to his followers:
"The Fed has oppressed us super-soldiers long enough!".

> weapons! It's clear through the later Gundam series that Tomino thinks
> this is cool cool cool stuff.

yeah... i think you are right. Which is why I think Tomino wasted a
great concept. But we went down that road already not so long ago.

> influenced a generation of Japanese kids to become obsessed with
> technology as a sort of materialistic crutch for a deep-seated spirtual
> void.

well, I doubt that. Not even the most influencial SF writer (Western or
Eastern) can honestly say that s/he has influenced the outlook of a
generation of kids. If anything, his early shows might have helped
slightly by bringing more humanity into kid's imaginations. In fact
he might have done just that to a 12 year old edition of me.

> REJOICE brother! Raise your hand and bow your head to the Plastic
> Warrior! Stand up to the Victory!

O Lord Mecha! Deliver me from drudgery and unmassaged buttocks!

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