[gundam] Giren's Greed for PlayStation

Mark Simmons (scorpio@best.com)
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 19:48:36 -0700

Hi folks,

  Just in are the May hobby magazines, full of Perfect Grade Zakus and
upcoming Master Grade kits for you to scope out (item: remodeled Gann kit
due in July, Y800). But meanwhile, something else caught my eye - the
April 1 issue of ASCII's PlayStation Magazine, with a story on the PS
version of the awesome Giren's Greed strategy game. Here are some high

* First and foremost, more units. A *lot* more units. Just about
everything from 0080 and 0083 is in here, including the Cold Climate GM,
Full Armor Alex, Gelgoog Jaeger, Gundam GP02A, GM Kai, Powered GM, GM
Custom, GM Quell, GM Cannon II, Dom Tropen, Gelgoog Marine, and Gerbera
Tetra. Then we have add-ons from 08th MS Team and Cross Dimension, namely
the Ez8, Gouf B3, Gundam Pixie, and regular Efreet. MSV new arrivals
include the MSN-01 Psycommu Test Type Zaku, Pezun Dowadge, Aggugai,
Zogok, Juagg, and Gundam Diver. Last but not least, they've added custom
Gelgoogs for Ranba Ral and Shin Matsunaga. Yay! No indication yet on my
top two wants, the Apsaras and the Galbaldy Alpha...

* There's a new CG intro, featuring the GP02A.

* Lots of interface changes. The mobile suit specs display indicates by
what percentage your ace pilot has boosted the mobile suit's standard specs.

* A "beginner mode" is added, in which your aide gives you helpful hints.

* You can now carry on diplomatic relations with rival factions, which
apparently facilitates gathering intelligence on their capabilities and
plans. It's implied that there will even be an option for _Dozul_ to
start his own spinoff Zeon faction!

* You can view encyclopedia entries on your characters and mobile suits,
and review cut scene movies once you've seen them.

* The "United Nations" and "Zion Dukedom" terms have been replaced with
the Sunrise-sanctioned "E.F. Space Force" and "Principality of Zeon".

* Price will be Y6800, and the two-disc set is due this winter.

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