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Wed, 14 Apr 1999 23:27:47 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 15 Apr 1999, Reza Akbar wrote:

> > "Locks"? Do you mean they load their shuttle up with MS or with the help
> > of MS? Leos?
> > BTW, do we see _any_ Construction/civilian MS anywhere in the
> > Gundam-Wing series?
> >
> Actually they dock their shuttle into an MS support craft at a junkyard.

Actually, it's a Taurus Carrier.
> > > scene, Zechs was reading a book inside his Tallgeese and do his usual
> 'Noin
> >
> > Any idea what he was reading?
> >
> Probably his personal diary, just for thought.

Nope, poetry.

> > > Return To Forever? There's a scene which is the appearance of Dorothy
> > > Catalonia. She was arguing with the people there about their being a
> fool.
> >
> > I thought she was supposed to be dead inside Libra or something after
> > the first GW series?
> >
> At the last episode of GW TV series, there's Dorothy in front of Treize's
> grave while Noin appears with a bouquet of flowers for Zechs' grave (or
> temporary, since Zechs returns as Preventer Wind)

Actually, a bouquet was for Treize. She specifically didn't bring one for
Zechs, because she didn't think he was dead (and right she was).
> > Cool! I like that! Makes you feel like there really was a point to them
> > not shooting up the cockpits. At least the GW mecha seem to be free of the
> > "Generator go BOOM!" effect that's doomed many a UC-gundam pilot.

According to EW novelization, all OZ MS is equipped with advanced ejection
system. I don't think we saw it in animation though...

> > > in the dessert as a Preventer; Zechs and Noin playing chess in their
> >
> > Chess? After all this... chess?
> For refreshment, of course.

Yeah, it's a long journey from the Earth to Mars.
- Kota

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