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> I presume that during the TV show, their bill is being paid by their
> respective colony resistant groups, spearheaded by the 5 scientists.
> Remember in early part of the show Wufei bought a large amount of
> explosive
> in cash. In between GW and EW, all but Wufei were probably
> earning a living
> with their wartime cover job.

I was generally under one of two impressions on this -
One, the bill isn't necessarily being paid, but the five were working with
mercs (whatever you want to call it, fixers, suppliers, whatever) who were
pro-colony resistance, and would provide services either for the simple fact
that they supported the cause, or in return for favors (cash, or certain
being eliminated, or repeat business...any number of things).

Two, they are just mercs themselves. From the way these kids act, it would
not be out of their purview (except Quattre, but then again, he's got a
whole damn army with him!) to reap the spoils of their little conflict,
or heck just committ outright theivery in order to pay for their little
war. The only reason I think this might be more plausible is that I gather
the resistance would not want to draw any attention to themselves, because
could very well cause much backlash against the colonies. Having their
'weapons' fend for themselves provides more of a 'plausible deniability' least for the beginning of the series..

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