[gundam]Gundam ZZ character questions:

Carmen J. Bernardo (Yujon3D@concentric.net)
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 21:08:30 -0400

I have some questions about some of the characters from the
GUNDAM ZZ anime series that I thought I'd bring up since I've
joined the GML...

  I only have a few old 3rd-generation tapes of a few ZZ episodes
from the middle of the series. These include Elpee Puru's first
appearance, Puru Two's first appearance and the death of Elpee,
the final attack of Gottong's (Gottongo?) Endora Stormtroopers,
Iria Pazom's battle with Judo Ashita, and the death of Rasera

  The character of interest to me is Roux Rouka (I called her Lou
Looka). From what I have interpreted from the Japanese volumes
that do list her, as well as what few English-language Websites
there are that cover GUNDAM ZZ, she is an AEUG MS pilot who was
to replace Camille Vidan (he of the wiped-out Newtype brain) in
the Zeta Gundam who becomes one of Judo's teammates in the New
Aghama Gundam Team, and she develops a relationship with Neo-Jion
leader Gremi Toto. Beyond that, I know little about her

  Until Bandi does come out with a reissue of the GUNDAM ZZ
series on videotape (I hope AnimeVillage.com gets around to
this), GML looks like the only place I can get some feedback on
what characters like Roux were like. I could appreciate it.

Carmen (Yujon3D)

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