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> > Actually they dock their shuttle into an MS support craft at a junkyard.
> Oh, you mean, one of those rack things that carry LEOs and Tauruses into
> battle? Right, I remember that, they use it to plow into the
> space-station! I wonder how they obtained all that military equipment?
> Hey, what is the _status_ of the G-boys after GW? After all, they are
> highly-trained terrorists that happened to have had a large part in saving
> the Earth, yet they have no fixed social/military/political rank. So
> what's their status? (Who pays their bills?)
The status of the G-boys after the battle are back to their normal lives,
since they worked as a freelance pros.

> > > > scene, Zechs was reading a book inside his Tallgeese and do his
> > > Any idea what he was reading?
> > Probably his personal diary, just for thought.
> Sensitive pony-tail guy, eh?
> > grave while Noin appears with a bouquet of flowers for Zechs' grave (or
> > temporary, since Zechs returns as Preventer Wind)
> Right, but I think it was a joint grave for Treize and Zechs, or
> something like that, right?
> > > > One of the crowd claims that he's the who fought the five MS.
> > > So he's a Leo pilot or something?
> > Can't figure it out, I think he is bluffing since Dorothy says that the
> > five MS (the G-Boys) are fighting Dekim troops.
> So this guy claims that _he_ was a gundam pilot? Or that he _fought_ the
> Gundam pilots? Considering what a massacre the G-Boys did in Episode #9 of
> the GW series, I would think just about EVERY pilot OZ has has fought the
> G-boys at some point or another!
> > technologies. Since Trieze didn't use that technology, surely Mariemaia
> > followed his late father's footsteps.
> HIS? You've gotta be kidding! Mariemaia is a BOY? Eeeeeuuuuck!
Sorry, this is a plain human error. You can exchange yourself that 'his'
into 'her'. One more time, sorry.

> BTW, how the HELL did Mariamaia produce so many Serpent MS without
> anyone noticing? Was it all done in some sort of super-secret orbital
> factory complex? (The one the G-Boys invade in episode #1?) How many
> Serpents do you think there were, total?
That's the mystery of Endless Waltz! Mariemaia gets her 'christmas presents'
with Dekim, already packed and ready to deliver. This is a big question with
no one able to answer.

> > > > spacecraft; Relena was in an outdoor meeting, looking towards the
> > > She has effectively become a high-up in the government, hasn't she?
> > Probably so.
> Probably will run for freakin' president, eh?
Why not! Like her late father, she is a ambassador. And also, it not bad to
have a young cute girl to run the state.

> > > Cute! So I guess this shows that he's "Rejoined Humanity" so to
> > Possible answer, since he don't wanna kill anyone anymore.
> I wonder what Hiro will do next for his life?
> 1. Baby photographer?
> 2. Drive-Through Fast Food?
> 3. Player of the Pan-Flute?
> 4. Low-Budget anime voice-actor?
> 5. Used car salesman?
> 6. Telephone-company Telemarketer?
> 7. SF-bay-area Hairstylist?
> 8. Family Therapy Counselor?
> 9. Sushi Chef?
> 10.Karaoke Superstar? (by best bet!)
I think anyjob that never requires killing or works in a petshop, so he can
redeem himself for that li'l puppy.

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