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> Hey, what is the _status_ of the G-boys after GW? After all,
> they are highly-trained terrorists that happened to have had a
> large part in saving the Earth, yet they have no fixed
> social/military/political rank. So what's their status?
> (Who pays their bills?)

I presume that during the TV show, their bill is being paid by their
respective colony resistant groups, spearheaded by the 5 scientists.
Remember in early part of the show Wufei bought a large amount of explosive
in cash. In between GW and EW, all but Wufei were probably earning a living
with their wartime cover job.

After EW, Wufei, whose reason for joing the enemy is his suddent
unemployment as a terrorist join the Preventors. The rest of G-Boys except
Hiro seemed to have found meaningful day job as well.

> I wonder what Hiro will do next for his life?
> 1. Baby photographer?
> 2. Drive-Through Fast Food?
> 3. Player of the Pan-Flute?
> 4. Low-Budget anime voice-actor?
> 5. Used car salesman?
> 6. Telephone-company Telemarketer?
> 7. SF-bay-area Hairstylist?
> 8. Family Therapy Counselor?
> 9. Sushi Chef?
> 10.Karaoke Superstar? (by best bet!)

11. Demolition Man II. I lost count the amount of properities destroy by
Hiro and his trigger happy finger.
12. Becomes a professional basketball player, and gets large endorcement

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