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Probe writes,

> BTW, do we see _any_ Construction/civilian MS anywhere in the
> Gundam-Wing series?

  Yep. You see some small construction mobile suits, somewhere between a
junior mobile suit and a Hardyman exoskeleton, hanging around a resource
asteroid in the TV series... if memory serves, right before the Wing Zero
first appears and blows it up.

> Does anyone know why Mariemaia's Minions didn't use Mobile-Doll
> technology like Tauruses and Virgos? Is it because of that whole "Bloody
> War Philosophy"?

  They do use Tauruses to fend off the Preventer ship in the first episode,
though it soon becomes clear that these are decoys. In fact, what first
tips Neun and Sally off that these aren't the Mariemaia Army's main force
is that they discover they're mobile dolls rather than manned Tauruses;
perhaps they correctly guess that no Treize-worshipping force would use
mobile dolls for their glorious Big Operation.

> Is he back on his Dad's asteroid fortress or on Earth?

  Actually, Quatre and his pals are working on the X-18999 colony. You'll
recall the representatives of the colony complaining about all the
construction that still needs doing during their meeting with Relena in
episode 1.

> So the Preventers basically continue to watch over mankind, eh? But have
> _they_ also abandoned MS technology entirely? And if so, how do they
> expect to protect mankind?

  Good question. Even in Endless Waltz, Neun's Taurus seems to be the last
Preventer mobile suit in service (aside from the Tallgeese III, though
Zechs may have stashed that himself). In fact, in the novel somebody (was
it Zechs?) promises to kill Lady Une if she activates Urkanos, the secret
mobile doll factory dicovered in the Battlefield of Pacifist comic. So
clearly they've turned their backs on mobile suit technology; the question
is how they'll keep the peace without it. I suppose the Endless Waltz
answer would be "By convincing all of humanity to renounce war."

> She has effectively become a high-up in the government, hasn't she?

  Yep; like her father, she's a deputy foreign minister (i.e. secretary of
state). She's young, but she has an impressive resume!

-- Mark

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