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>>Check out the above address. This site has a 10 meg!! downloadable movie of
>>the Dreamcast MSG game. I haven't d/l'ed it yet.

This is an off-air recording of a TV newscast, an outtake of the game with
two newscasters (one male, one female) voiceover. At timestamp "7:36"
appears in the upper left corner and continues throughout, changing to
"7:37" about midway through. The clip originated on the Minaduki web site
in Japan and was posted to GameFan on Monday, 12 April 1999 at 5pm (no
timezone specified).

The clip is copyrighted 1998 by Digital Bitcasting Corporation (DBC) and
runs 1 min 2.9 sec -- not a very good return for 10,742 KB. (By way of
comparison, the 10,892 KB MechCommander clip that RealNetworks uses for
testing runs 4 min 54 sec -- nearly five times as much data in the same
volume.) RealPlayer Plus G2 warns that it uses non-standard MPEG-1 data
and thus may not playback correctly. (It plays back OK)

The first 15 seconds are a mission briefing (BITS = Battle Integration
Control System) concerning the defense of Australia, a map of which appears
at the end of the briefing. (Yes, there's a crater-like spot over Sydney!)

The next 25 seconds are an FMV segment of GMs skydiving from Medea
transport planes. Due to the quality of the reproduction, these are only
recognizable by the four engines arrayed amidships over the wing. The GMs
are problematic, in that they have beam sabers mounted on the left top of
the backpack and smooth kneecaps per the RGM-79, but the distinctive
shields and machineguns of the RGM-79(G). They have an emblem on the left
front shoulder: a fierce white Wombat with a dagger.

The last 20 seconds are a pilot's POV from the GM cockpit, closing on an
MS-06J Zaku II (identified by a caption in the HUD) with machineguns firing
on both sides, then switching to beam saber and heat hawk for the melee.


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