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Paul Fields writes,

>That ought to keep Mark busy for a little while, not that he isn't
>busy enough already...

  Heh heh!

>Operation Star One - Who was there, and what were they

  Let's break this down a little. Operation Star One consisted of two main
stages - an attack on Solomon by Admiral Tianem's fleet, then an attack on
A Bao A Qu by Tianem's fleet and a reinforcement fleet commanded by
General Revil. (A planned third stage, an attack on Side 3, was never
carried out.)

  The Tianem fleet carried out the first phase of the operation, the attack
on Solomon. As part of the battle plan, the 3rd Fleet (commanded by
Wakkein) split off from the main Tianem fleet and attacked Solomon from the
general direction of the moon, bombarding the asteroid to draw out the
defense forces so that the main fleet hidden in the rubble of Side 1 could
toast 'em with the Solar System mirror. The White Base was stationed with
the sacrificial 3rd Fleet.

  On the Zeon side, there are few known aces who participated in the battle
of Solomon. Dozul Zabi personally commanded the mobile armor Big Zam,
delivered from A Bao A Qu in lieu of any other reinforcements. Shin
Matsunaga had been recently called back to Side 3 (as conspiracy theory has
it, to weaken its defenses), and though Anavel Gato is supposed to have
fought in its defense, the details are unclear. The cut scenes from Giren's
Greed show Johnny Ridden hanging around the Big Zam hangar, but it's
unclear whether he was just escorting it from A Bao A Qu or actually
defending the base; if the latter, then some of the other Ace Corps test
pilots should logically have done so as well.

  After the capture of Solomon, Revil's fleet arrived at the asteroid and
the better part of both fleets proceeded to A Bao A Qu (suffering an attack
by the Solar Ray en route). The strategy at A Bao A Qu was similar to that
at Solomon, except this time the main fleet attacked first to draw the
defenders to one side of the asteroid, after which a smaller force attacked
from the unguarded side. Again, the White Base was stationed with the
smaller asteroid-storming force.

  On the Zeon side, everybody turned out for A Bao A Qu. We had Char in the
Zeong, Gato in his Gelgoog, Eric Mansfield and Masaya Nakagawa in their
R-1A Zakus, and even a dozen of the Ace Corps test pilots (including Johnny
Ridden and Thomas Kurtz) in their Gelgoogs. Several Bigro mobile armors
were sighted as well.

>Granada - When did Krishia leave? When did Killing leave?
>Who was left in control of the base? What did they have for
>weapons, and what kind of troops did the Feds bring to bear
>on them?

  Clearly there was a period around December 21 when the base was left in
the care of Commodore Rugens; Killing shoots him and briefly commandeers
the base. Around December 24, Ma Kube leads a small fleet from Granada to
rescure survivors of Solomon. And Kishiria leaves the base just before the
Battle of A Bao A Qu, arriving just as the battle begins. One can assume
that Kishiria wasn't around when Killings took over, but I dunno where she
was. And I have no idea who was left in charge of the base after Kishiria
left, unless you go by the movie continuity and suppose that the not-dead
Ma Kube might be hanging out there...

  As it turns out, Granada is never directly attacked by the Federation.
After its occupants have had a chance to flee to Axis or wherever, the base
is quietly demilitarized and becomes a thriving arms dealership. ;-)

>Ruum - Who was there? How many Zeon aces earned their
>spurs there? What MS were they piloting?

  Everybody was there! We have all kinds of aces from Dozul's Space Attack
Force (including, by some accounts, Dozul himself in his spiky MS-06S) and
guest stars from Kishiria's Mobile Assault Force. To wit...

  The Black Trinary in their custom-colored MS-06C Zakus
  Johnny Ridden in his custom-colored MS-06C Zaku


  Char Aznable in his custom-colored MS-06C Zaku
  Shin Matsunaga in his stock MS-06C Zaku

  I'm not sure whether Ranba Ral fought in this battle or not.

>and was the twin
>rocket launcher from 08th MS a big deal back then, with the
>Zeons going over to the Bazooka soon after because of its
>higher capacity?

  Nope, they were using standard Zaku bazookas with tactical nuclear
warheads. The twin launcher from 08th MS Team is a gas capsule launcher,
used for killing colony populations.

>What was the name of Revil's flagship?

  The Ananke, which you'll see written on the front of the hull in a
Giren's Greed cut scene.

>Solomon - We know Gato wasn't there, but who was?

  See above comment on Solomon. Gato's participation is far from settled -
the 0083 novel, edited by series director Takashi Imanishi, claims he did
indeed fight at Solomon (which is presumably where Kelley lost his arm).
The MS WARS book claims Gato piloted a Gelgoog at Solomon, B-CLUB claims he
flew a Rick Dom, and a Tsukasa Kotobuki comic depicts him fighting in a
Rick Dom, receiving a Gelgoog right afterwards, and then attacking the
pursuing Federation fleet with a ridiculously huge beam rifle and blowing
up a dozen-plus ships.

  For my money, if Gato is piloting an S type Gelgoog at A Bao A Qu, then
by definition he must have been part of the Ace Corps test team. If a few
members of the Ace Corps were indeed at Solomon - Johnny Ridden has been
mentioned a couple of times in this context - then Gato could certainly
have been among them, though probably in the "too little, too late"

>What kind of MS were stationed/developed at Solomon?

  None. Solomon has no mobile suit factories or development facilities. On
the other hand, A Bao A Qu does; the Big Zam and Zeong were developed
there, and that's where the Gelgoog was mass produced (and, possibly, it's
where the Ace Corps test team was stationed).

>How long
>did the battle take, how long did the later occupation take for
>the Feds?

  The only firm answers on this come from the largely-bogus Entertainment
Bible 39. This book claims that the conquest of Solomon took a day or so.

>When did Lalah Sun's attack take place?

  A couple of days later, probably around December 27 to 29.

>How long did the Feds sit at Solomon before they ran off to Abowaku?

  Only a few days - maybe five or so.

-- Mark

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