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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 11:50:32 -0700 (MST)

> Actually they dock their shuttle into an MS support craft at a junkyard.

  Oh, you mean, one of those rack things that carry LEOs and Tauruses into
battle? Right, I remember that, they use it to plow into the
space-station! I wonder how they obtained all that military equipment?
  Hey, what is the _status_ of the G-boys after GW? After all, they are
highly-trained terrorists that happened to have had a large part in saving
the Earth, yet they have no fixed social/military/political rank. So
what's their status? (Who pays their bills?)

> > > scene, Zechs was reading a book inside his Tallgeese and do his usual
> > Any idea what he was reading?
> Probably his personal diary, just for thought.

  Sensitive pony-tail guy, eh?

> grave while Noin appears with a bouquet of flowers for Zechs' grave (or
> temporary, since Zechs returns as Preventer Wind)

  Right, but I think it was a joint grave for Treize and Zechs, or
something like that, right?

> > > One of the crowd claims that he's the who fought the five MS. Dorothy
> > So he's a Leo pilot or something?
> Can't figure it out, I think he is bluffing since Dorothy says that the real
> five MS (the G-Boys) are fighting Dekim troops.

  So this guy claims that _he_ was a gundam pilot? Or that he _fought_ the
Gundam pilots? Considering what a massacre the G-Boys did in Episode #9 of
the GW series, I would think just about EVERY pilot OZ has has fought the
G-boys at some point or another!

> technologies. Since Trieze didn't use that technology, surely Mariemaia
> followed his late father's footsteps.

  HIS? You've gotta be kidding! Mariemaia is a BOY? Eeeeeuuuuck!

> > > in the dessert as a Preventer; Zechs and Noin playing chess in their
> > Chess? After all this... chess?
> For refreshment, of course.


> > So the Preventers basically continue to watch over mankind, eh? But have
> The Preventers are still continue as a watchmen for mankind, yes! About MS
> techs for the Preventers, I have no idea.

  I guess they use alot of those spaceships with the 'suitcase missile
packs' eh? Should be enough to take care of most problems!
  BTW, how the HELL did Mariamaia produce so many Serpent MS without
anyone noticing? Was it all done in some sort of super-secret orbital
factory complex? (The one the G-Boys invade in episode #1?) How many
Serpents do you think there were, total?

> > > spacecraft; Relena was in an outdoor meeting, looking towards the sky;
> > She has effectively become a high-up in the government, hasn't she?
> Probably so.

  Probably will run for freakin' president, eh?

> > Cute! So I guess this shows that he's "Rejoined Humanity" so to speak,
> Possible answer, since he don't wanna kill anyone anymore.

  I wonder what Hiro will do next for his life?
        1. Baby photographer?
        2. Drive-Through Fast Food?
        3. Player of the Pan-Flute?
        4. Low-Budget anime voice-actor?
        5. Used car salesman?
        6. Telephone-company Telemarketer?
        7. SF-bay-area Hairstylist?
        8. Family Therapy Counselor?
        9. Sushi Chef?
        10.Karaoke Superstar? (by best bet!)

> > > to explain what's really going on, especailly when Trowa's Heavyarms
> > > also wears a mask in its face. At the end it forms a very complete and
> > what's the deal? When does he put the mask on the Gundam face and why?
> Clown of war, maybe?

   Hiding his face in shame after seeing "Turn-A"?

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