[gundam] Not So Secret Operations OYW

Paul Fields (johnny_raiden@hotmail.com)
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 13:17:25 -0400

Alright except for the re-enacting of the Battle of Midway
the re-taking of Pearl Harbor, and Secret Missions was
full of details and force comparisons for some of the more
famous battles of the OYW, but let me throw this one out

Operation Star One - Who was there, and what were they

Granada - When did Krishia leave? When did Killing leave?
Who was left in control of the base? What did they have for
weapons, and what kind of troops did the Feds bring to bear
on them?

Ruum - Who was there? How many Zeon aces earned their
spurs there? What MS were they piloting? and was the twin
rocket launcher from 08th MS a big deal back then, with the
Zeons going over to the Bazooka soon after because of its
higher capacity? (I'm assuming that the flashback to Side 2
was during the Battle of Ruum) What was the name of Revil's

Solomon - We know Gato wasn't there, but who was? What
kind of MS were stationed/developed at Solomon? How long
did the battle take, how long did the later occupation take for
the Feds? When did Lalah Sun's attack take place? How long
did the Feds sit at Solomon before they ran off to Abowaku?

That ought to keep Mark busy for a little while, not that he isn't
busy enough already...


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