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Paul Fields (
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 12:18:05 -0400

> The 0080 GMs had two sabers, both carried like flashlights over the
>buttock-armor plate, not over the shoulder! The 8MST GMs also didn't carry
>their sabers over the shoulder, instead they have them stored (stupidly)
>inside their calves) Hrm!

> So it's got 0080-GM stylings, 8MST armament... sounds like we might have
>another new GM-variant here!
> -Probe

Nope if you have the Gundam Mechanics vol I this GM is in there it has
one beam saber stored on the 4 thruster version of the standard GM or
Gundam backpack. I believe this was the same kind of backpack that
they were previewing in Gundam Blue Destiny. Changing the gun from
a beam weapon to a slug thrower being used in that area (08th MS) is
easy to explain away as the Beam Weapons might not be developed
yet. Again I'll say this isn't the SPACE backpack, the thrusters aren't as
big as the space type, and there aren't any on the top of the backpack.
If I had my scanner at work today I'd send you the backpack I'm looking
at, the video is dark, and anything I pull out of it would be too dim to be


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