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Mark Simmons (
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 09:08:47 -0700

Dafydd writes,

>I must admit to be just a wee bit disappointed in the Z Gundam film book.
>After the nine Gundam The Movies books, I was expecting a film story of the
>first 27 episodes, not a story digest.

  Yep. At least you get some entertaining snippets of dialogue...

>Even so, the book is damn good,
>packed with stuff that keep Mark busy translating for months.

  <grin> And you get an explanation for why the Hizack is so sucky...

>Zeon is a "Principality" here, not a Dukedom.

  Yep; as previously discussed, that's what Sunrise ultimately decided
on, since the word "kokoku" is used for the real-world principalities of
Lichtenstein, Monaco, etc.

>Bright Noa
>Ky Siden
>Frau Kobayashi
>Kicka Kobayashi

  You know, these don't match the (definitely) official spellings of the
same characters' names in the original series. Either Sunrise has no
aptitude for quality control, or (my bet) they're borrowing spellings
from the PlayStation game or some other Bandai product.

>Love 'em or hate 'em, these spellings seem to be official, in that they
>conform to those in other recent books and are used consistently throughout
>this one.

  Urgh. I dunno, for spellings as stinky as these, I might prefer to wait
until an official Sunrise-letterhead list appears. At least the original
Gundam name list physically exists...

-- Mark

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