Re: [gundam] Re: Modeling Question : Gundam Marker

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 09:06:54 -0700 (MST)

> Gundam Markers: Imagine them as Magic Markers with Acrylic Paint as their
> base. They are great for painting, but you probably want to use a primer on
> top of it. And coat the suckers as well, as they rub off fairly easily,

  And I also hear that, like you'd expect with acryllics, the colors are a
bit transparent.

> Invest in Micron Pigma pens, easily found in your local art or japanese
> store. They come in Black, Green, Red, and possibly Blue (?), and come in

  "Micron Sakura" pens now come in all sorts of florescent colors as well!

> various thickness. The beauty with these markers is that you can use them
> for panel lines, as they are thin enough, and th eink is fairly permanent,
> and does not rub off easily.

  A wet towel rubbed vigorously on the marker ink will take it off, which
is nice for correcting mistakes, but otherwise it's permanent enough for
normal usage. I like 'em! It's also easy to 'fill in' very thin panel
lines (Like on a Gundam's cheek) and then rub out the excess leaving a
nice line behind.

> Another substitue you can use (recommended by Probe) is technical pens.
> They also work wonders in those areas. Also, for silver or golden touches,

  Techie pens are GREAT for serious panel-lining! It makes a big

> you can use Gundam Markers or silver/gold paint pens. They work fairly
> nicely too...

   Stanford and Pilot both make some really nice silver/gold paint pens, I
have a set of both from each. Stanford pens tend to have a more 'brushed
aluminum' look while the Pilot's have a "Chromed Steel" look, which makes
them perfect for doing, say, the pistons on your PG gundam or MG Mk.II!


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