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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
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> OVA 1 : Silent Orbit? Before that, there's a footage where Heero and Duo
> locks their shuttle with an MS support and Duo's conversation with Quatre
> about to retrieving the Gundams once more.

  "Locks"? Do you mean they load their shuttle up with MS or with the help
of MS? Leos?
  BTW, do we see _any_ Construction/civilian MS anywhere in the
Gundam-Wing series?

> scene, Zechs was reading a book inside his Tallgeese and do his usual 'Noin

  Any idea what he was reading?

> Return To Forever? There's a scene which is the appearance of Dorothy
> Catalonia. She was arguing with the people there about their being a fool.

  I thought she was supposed to be dead inside Libra or something after
the first GW series?

> One of the crowd claims that he's the who fought the five MS. Dorothy tells

  So he's a Leo pilot or something?

> Also in Return To Forever after the fall of Dekim Barton, the soldiers came
> out from their Serpents (remember that Quatre, Duo, Trowa, Zechs and Noin
> are disable the Serpents without killing the pilots?), remove their
> Mariemaia atributes + weapons, and burn them.

  Cool! I like that! Makes you feel like there really was a point to them
not shooting up the cockpits. At least the GW mecha seem to be free of the
"Generator go BOOM!" effect that's doomed many a UC-gundam pilot.
  Does anyone know why Mariemaia's Minions didn't use Mobile-Doll
technology like Tauruses and Virgos? Is it because of that whole "Bloody
War Philosophy"?

> Duo selliing junk for a good price and having lunch with Hilde (her dress is

  Lucky boy!
  So I guess he really has a nice future, eh?

> quite nice, too); Quatre does a construction work along with his comrades;

  Is he back on his Dad's asteroid fortress or on Earth?

> Trowa performs with Catherine in their circus camp; Wufei with Sally working

  Does that boy ever SMILE?

> in the dessert as a Preventer; Zechs and Noin playing chess in their

  Chess? After all this... chess?
  So the Preventers basically continue to watch over mankind, eh? But have
_they_ also abandoned MS technology entirely? And if so, how do they
expect to protect mankind?

> spacecraft; Relena was in an outdoor meeting, looking towards the sky; Heero

  She has effectively become a high-up in the government, hasn't she?

> looks towards the sky for a while and walks away in a sea of people (good
> camera work zooms from the city then the Earth).

  Cute! So I guess this shows that he's "Rejoined Humanity" so to speak,

> to explain what's really going on, especailly when Trowa's Heavyarms Custom
> also wears a mask in its face. At the end it forms a very complete and the

  Ah! I know the model has this feature, but it's never explained! So
what's the deal? When does he put the mask on the Gundam face and why? It
wasn't there in the beginning of the series, was it? (I mean, when the HAC
first appears it lacks the mask, correct?)

> their collection. For those who like to comment or add something for this
> writing, please do.

  Thank you for posting, it was very informative!

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