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> On a related note - since I wasn't on the list around the time this would
> be posted, and I could use a really good flaming right about now - has
> anyone (right..no one!) seen the compilation movie for Endless Waltz, and
> if so, was there anything special about it? New scenes/footage, special
> material included, anything of that nature? IE - any reason to seek it
I have Endless Waltz Tokubetsuhen (Endless Waltz Special Edition) and there
are some new footage on it. Here's some of them :

1. Remember when Heero and Duo tries to intercept L3 - X - 8999 colony on
OVA 1 : Silent Orbit? Before that, there's a footage where Heero and Duo
locks their shuttle with an MS support and Duo's conversation with Quatre
about to retrieving the Gundams once more.

2. Remember when Zechs (or Preventer Wind) in his Tallgeese III blasted the
MO III with the mega rifle at near end of OVA 2 : Operation Meteor? After
that, there's a scene which is a reunion between Noin and Zechs. In the
scene, Zechs was reading a book inside his Tallgeese and do his usual 'Noin
ka?'/'Is it Noin?' The scene where used to be the closing scene of Operation
Meteor, was used again and the song is replaced by Two-Mix' new single Last

3. Remember when Relena was kept in a bunker by Mariemaia Kushurenada and
Dekim Barton and made her speech, which is cut out by Dekim on OVA 3 :
Return To Forever? There's a scene which is the appearance of Dorothy
Catalonia. She was arguing with the people there about their being a fool.
One of the crowd claims that he's the who fought the five MS. Dorothy tells
that the five men that she knows are there, pointing at the screen where
Quatre, Duo and Trowa fighting the Serpents, along with Zechs and Noin. The
crowd moved and prepares to leave towards the bunker. Dorothy then offers
her assistance by providing couple of trucks for their transportation.
Also in Return To Forever after the fall of Dekim Barton, the soldiers came
out from their Serpents (remember that Quatre, Duo, Trowa, Zechs and Noin
are disable the Serpents without killing the pilots?), remove their
Mariemaia atributes + weapons, and burn them.

The closing scenes for the movie are new and exclusively for the movie, like
Duo selliing junk for a good price and having lunch with Hilde (her dress is
quite nice, too); Quatre does a construction work along with his comrades;
Trowa performs with Catherine in their circus camp; Wufei with Sally working
in the dessert as a Preventer; Zechs and Noin playing chess in their
spacecraft; Relena was in an outdoor meeting, looking towards the sky; Heero
looks towards the sky for a while and walks away in a sea of people (good
camera work zooms from the city then the Earth).

My personal opinion about Endless Waltz Tokubetsuhen :
This title is the very close to the Endless Waltz OVA with some new scenes
to explain what's really going on, especailly when Trowa's Heavyarms Custom
also wears a mask in its face. At the end it forms a very complete and the
best Gundam movie ever. This movie is a 'must-have' for any Gundam fans for
their collection. For those who like to comment or add something for this
writing, please do.

Reza Akbar

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