RE: [gundam] Re: Modeling Question : Gundam Marker

Y. Choe (
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 22:17:44 -0700

Gundam Markers: Imagine them as Magic Markers with Acrylic Paint as their
base. They are great for painting, but you probably want to use a primer on
top of it. And coat the suckers as well, as they rub off fairly easily,
especially in sweaty hands. You can use Gundam Markers to do the panel
lines, but there is an easier method...

Invest in Micron Pigma pens, easily found in your local art or japanese
store. They come in Black, Green, Red, and possibly Blue (?), and come in
various thickness. The beauty with these markers is that you can use them
for panel lines, as they are thin enough, and th eink is fairly permanent,
and does not rub off easily.

Another substitue you can use (recommended by Probe) is technical pens.
They also work wonders in those areas. Also, for silver or golden touches,
you can use Gundam Markers or silver/gold paint pens. They work fairly
nicely too...

Y. C.

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