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> mee too, Wefei is my favorite...*looks at the new
> gundam wing oav special edition vcd he just got* wufei
> is just the coolest he reminds me alot of char....just
> thought I should let u know ur not the only one!
> ja ne
> mack

I'd apologize for jumping into the middle of a conversation, but
no one yet has believed me sincere....

(I don't know why, but for some reason every time I see a GWing thread
pop up here I get the feeling of being a carcass surrounded by

I'm just wondering what of Wu Fei's character reminds you of Char?
From what I've seen (40 eps of the TV and the Endless Waltz OAV's)
I can catch a few glimses of it, but for the most part I'm missing
a connection here....

On a related note - since I wasn't on the list around the time this would
be posted, and I could use a really good flaming right about now - has
anyone ( one!) seen the compilation movie for Endless Waltz, and
if so, was there anything special about it? New scenes/footage, special
material included, anything of that nature? IE - any reason to seek it out?

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