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> This just in:

<skip to all the new, "official" Romanizations...>

> Camille Bidan
> Quattro Vagina (Lotta's great grandson? ... Oh, behave!)

Oh, I'm never gonna see 'em live this one down...<G>

> Emma Sheen
> Fa Yuiry
> Reccoa Londe
> Beltorchika Irma


> Apolly

Well, I remember the old ANIMAG issues calling him "Apori", so it
can't be that far off.

> Robert
> Astonaige Medoz
> Trace
> Shinta
> Qum
> Hayato Kobayashi
> Bright Noa
> Ky Siden
> Mirai Noa
> Frau Kobayashi
> Kicka Kobayashi
> Lets Kobayashi
> Katz Kobayashi
> Amuro Ray
> Blex Forer
> Won Lee
> Henken Bekkener
> Stephanie Luio
> Melanie Hue Carbine
> Jamitov Hymem

And he can pair off with Quattro Vagina and... (oh, never mind!!)

> Bask Om
> Jamaican Daningan
> Jerid Messa
> Lila Milla Rira
> Mouar Pharaoh
> Kacricon Cacooler
> Ben Wooder
> Buran Blutarch
> Sarah Zabiarov
> Paptimus Scirocco
> Four Murasame
> Rosamia Badam
> Caesar
> Tragier Tragier
> Manack
> Keith Ron
> Samarn
> Saegusa

All we need now is Yazan Gable...
> Love 'em or hate 'em, these spellings seem to be official, in that
> they conform to those in other recent books and are used consistently
> throughout this one.

I see little reason to dispute that, but the Quattro bit is gonna
be a little hard for some English-language readers to get
across. I can imagine my dad when he hears this one:

  "Where in the hell did they get *this* one?"

My Dad was kind of tongue-tied when I tried explaining the name
of a Japanese "etchi mangaka" named "Kondom", after all...

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