Re: [gundam] :::looks around nervously, shuffling her feet:::

Mack Mack (
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 20:25:01 -0700 (PDT)

mee too, Wefei is my favorite...*looks at the new
gundam wing oav special edition vcd he just got* wufei
is just the coolest he reminds me alot of char....just
thought I should let u know ur not the only one!
ja ne

--- wrote:
> umm... I'm new here.... and..well... I have this
> sinking feeling that i'm the
> only WuFei fan in existance... He's my favorite...
> followed by Heero, then
> Duo, then Trowa, then Quatre... however, they are
> all wonderful...^ ^ I was
> just wondering if in fact i was the only Dragonboy
> fan on earth.... or
> anything... ^ ^;;;; (( i'm so nervous... i embarrass
> myself... )) oh well.. ^
> ^ umm.. yeah.. ^ ^ so... Ja!
> -
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