Re: [gundam] Zaku Variants

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 15:12:23 -0700 (MST)

> >have to say, I think the 8MST gouf is perhaps the finest retoconned 1YW
> I have to admit that it is probably one of the best ever made, model kit
> wise...I just wish it didn't come in that light blue color...and, I'm

  Well, the color is an easy thing to change. I got two Goufs and am
saving one until I decide what colors to make it! Actually, the light-blue
is remarkably easy to get used to, I have to say I think it looks a bit
better than the usual dark blue color...

> looking for a way to make his whip more like the older one....

  Oh, I like the grappling-line a bit better, but it should be easy to
create an old style whip. Here's a simple way:
        1. Get a plain thick copper wire and carve little 'segments' into
        the thick rubber insulation and paint, OR
        2. Use a thinner copper wire and get a tube of styrene plastic and
        cut it up to make segments which you 'thread' along the wire!

> > Yes, and the Gouf is PERFECT for that considering they already have pegs
> >on the shoulders fitted to a standard-sized polycap! Gouf for it!
> Not such a bad idea...I may attach a cannon to the other shoulder
> though...aside from the gouf, what otehr kits are like begging to be
> modified?

  Well, the flight type is the same deal, the 0080 Zaku is a GREAT kit for
mods, as is the Jagd Doga kit from CCA, etc...


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