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> I just finished watching 0083 for the 3rd time in the past month (yes I love
> this series), and to this day I still can’t figure out why or how Nina
> her previous love affair with Gato a secret from Kou and the rest of her
> Or better yet why nobody knew about the relationship from before. Like come
> Gato is a pretty high profile kinda guy, the man’s in textbooks! Wouldn’t
> think that it was common knowledge that EVERYONE knew that he and Nina had
> a previous relationship. The one armed Zion pilot Kelly knew, and so did
> techi in charge of Unit 3. And why didn’t Nina recognize Gato just before he
> stepped into the GP-02 to steal it? Do you think the plot of the story would
> have changed much if this information was revealed? Would Kou felt the same
> way about Nina if he had known this? As well would the Feds have viewed her
in a
> different light knowing her past with the “Nightmare of Solomon”?

Does anyone know the name of Hamibal's wife, or Caesar's? What about the Reb
Baron's? I see no reason why Nina would be so infamous for anyone to even

> Finally there was that scene where Cima’s ship was meeting up with a Fed
> ship. I’m assuming that Cima was going to give away the true plans the Delaz
> Fleet. But that didn’t happen due to the arrival of the MS’s from the the
> Now in that battle with Cima’s MS’s, Lt. Burning recovers that briefcase
> that body. Well now, where was that body from? Not that MS that Burning just
> blew up, ‘cause the body wasn’t wearing a pilots uniform. Was the body from
> escort ship that Cima had with her, the one the Feds hit?

I have yet to see anything past episode four, so I can't say anything about

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