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> > Check out the above address. This site has a 10 meg!! downloadable movie of
> > the Dreamcast MSG game. I haven't d/l'ed it yet.
> yep I have checked it out, and it is an excerpt from a japanese TV show, and
> the presenters are talking in the background while we are given a first hand
> view of the game. I must say...OH MY GOD, I had not realised the Dreamcast was
> that good, but then the picture was a bit dim. i don't know what period the
> game is set in, but the cockpit looked was not a panoramic one.
Since the game's titled "Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from Ashes", I
would assume 0079. (Japanese title is different. It can be roughly
translated as "MS Gundam Gaiden: At the Land where the Colony fell...")

In this game, you'll play a commander for Fed's "White Dingo" team.

Now, it couldn't be seen in the demo movie, but according to Gundam HG
Web, this game also has a lot of tactical element as well. For
example, you saw the hovertrack in the drop sequence movie. In the
final product, you'll also be able to see the movement of ground troops.

It's expected to be released in June.

Kota Fujimura

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