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> Since the death of Four is one of the most pivotal scenes in the
> entire Gundam saga, you're better off setting your story circa UC 0085
> and focusing on her recruitment and training.

  Which is one of the questions that I have surrounding a
character like Four. Was she a volunteer who later had regrets
about what she was doing, ala Emma Sheen, after realizing that
she was losing (lots of) something in return for her services to
the Titans? Or was she like Sarah Zabiarov, being pulled in out
of a sense of wanting to belong somewhere after losing her family
to the One Year War? For all we know, Four could've been plucked
off of a dirty street in Australia in the wake of that colony
drop and dumped into an orphanage, where she remained until the
Titans "recruited" her. Tomino never really gave us the "origin"
story outside of her being a guinea pig for the Murasame group...
> Dare to be different, but leave the continuity alone. Find a way to
> make it fit and justify it. Give your audience something that
> could've happened within the framework of what they already know. Add
> to the legend, rather than chipping away at it.

  Granted that writing an "all-new, all different Four Murasame"
story would be easier than trying to fit it into the established
UC continuity, but I think that the creators in Japan have been
doing their own version of "retroactive continuity" with the
series for some time. There is no way I could fit G-GUNDAM in
with the main UC continuity (unless Camille Vidan watched it on
television as a kid), and 08TH MS TEAM sounds like MSG redux with
third-string characters to me (IMO). In many ways, the Gundam
series is much like an American comicbook with which I've been
familiar, in that it has gone from an upstart series taking
radically different viewpoints on the "giant robot" genre to
becoming an institution in and of itself. Retreads of old
continuity and attendant "retcons" are going to happen.

  So, yes, I could try to fit it into the established UC story
without really changing anything, but it seems too easy to do the
other thing...

Carmen (Yujon3D)

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