Re: [gundam] Dreamcast MSG game movie at

Michael Ip (
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 21:24:59 +1200

In response to my own pontless posting before, I have watched the 1 minute clip
again and heres what I saw...

It starts with a briefing, and then Australia pops up on a map and with Australia
UC0079 in captions under the map.

Briefing ends then scene cuts to two plane (I can never recall what these ones are
called) deploy what appear to be Jegans. I know that is not right, they are
supposed to be GMs, but they looked like Jegans to me.

So far we have only seen FMV sequences, but then the clip cuts to game mode and who
ever is playing dukes it out with a Zak (and I can hear the female presenter in the
background yelling gambatte gambatte!).

             pika pika pi-ka-chu!
                 Michael Ip

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