Re: [gundam] [OT] Stuff in Singapore

Lim Jyue (
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 15:44:49 +0800

        This is slightly OT, but for Singaporean modellers, it may be

        Anyway, Univision at Parklane has a few HCM kits available, as well
as the good old Nu Gundam (Can't remember the scale, but it's the one with
the box art.. quite big, so I supposed a 1/100). Also, it has the VF-19
Perfect Variable resin kit, as well as a big (1/100? 1/72?) kit on a Stealth
Valkyrie from Macross 7. 5-Star Story's models are also available. Be warned
that the price will probably burn a hole right down to your bone. =(

    Overseas people please don't bother to ask me to buy for you, I'm broke. =(

        Now to return to your regular rantings and ravings..

        (BTW, the HCM Mk. II looks like a gorilla! =)
Lim Jyue
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