[gundam] [gundam]Nina’s Secret and that briefcase

Marcel Tualla (process5@sympatico.ca)
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 01:27:13 -0500

I just finished watching 0083 for the 3rd time in the past month (yes I love
this series), and to this day I still can’t figure out why or how Nina kept her
previous love affair with Gato a secret from Kou and the rest of her friends. Or
better yet why nobody knew about the relationship from before. Like come on,
Gato is a pretty high profile kinda guy, the man’s in textbooks! Wouldn’t you
think that it was common knowledge that EVERYONE knew that he and Nina had a
previous relationship. The one armed Zion pilot Kelly knew, and so did that
techi in charge of Unit 3. And why didn’t Nina recognize Gato just before he
stepped into the GP-02 to steal it? Do you think the plot of the story would
have changed much if this information was revealed? Would Kou felt the same way
about Nina if he had known this? As well would the Feds have viewed her in a
different light knowing her past with the “Nightmare of Solomon”?

Finally there was that scene where Cima’s ship was meeting up with a Fed ship.
I’m assuming that Cima was going to give away the true plans the Delaz Fleet.
But that didn’t happen due to the arrival of the MS’s from the the Alvion. Now
in that battle with Cima’s MS’s, Lt. Burning recovers that briefcase from that
body. Well now, where was that body from? Not that MS that Burning just blew up,
‘cause the body wasn’t wearing a pilots uniform. Was the body from that escort
ship that Cima had with her, the one the Feds hit?

Feedback or opinions on this would be most excellent!


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