[gundam] Asking for modelling tips.

Al Koh (gundamfan@mailcity.com)
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 12:42:05 +0800

Hi, I am quite new to building gundam model kits.
I want to ask if anyone knows the best way to cut parts off the runners so as to prevent having the white marks that I find it impossible to remove without painting. I only want to paint if necessary for the details. I do not like to paint the whole model as the models already come with colours. However the white marks are an eyesore. I tried sanding but it only end up with more of those white marks.

Also, wich type of topcoat is best for gundam models? flat, semigloss or gloss. how do you use them? Is it better to spray or paint? Can I spray or paint them on unpainted plastic surface? Will they look good on unpainted surface? Are these necessary after painting? Thank You for your suggestions.

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