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> Yeah! It's a pity that though there are tons of Zaku variants, apart
>from the Zaku-K and strangeness like the Zaku-Mariner and Zaku-Flipper
>there aren't a whole lot of weapons changes or add-ons. It would have been
>neat to see a Zaku-EWACs with the shoulder shield replaced with an EWACs
>dish, a Zaku-Barrage artillery robot with racks of bombardment missiles on
>the shoulders instead of the shield/armors, You know, all sorts of plug in
>weapons pods.
> Of course, the new 8MST Goufs take MS into the direction _I_ like, with
>all sorts of plug in weapons and options, etc.
> -Probe

        but isn't the basic idea of having extra parts -- in ths case of the
JRzaku, the desert zak and some not only make it modifiable,
but personally modifiable? The one complaint I had with the 08 gouf was
the fact that it seemed set up almost like an action figure....I have been
toying with the idea of a missiale rack on the shoulders, actually....I
might cannibalize someother kit for that...

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