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> Well, the interesting idea of Turn-A is that if you:
> 1. Destroy the factories
> 2. Hide the knowledge and
> 3. Bury the weapons
> You can effectively _prevent_ fanatics from ever getting the
> weapons/technologies that you fear. After all, how can they build MS on
> Earth without factories, etc? So the world of Turn-A has purposefully
> eroded away their heavy industrial base to such an extent that it becomes
> practically impossible to make what you need for an army armed with
> anything more than 'hand-crafted' weapons. "Chesspiece war", yet with the
> knowledge of the future that war leads to nothing good. I.e., it's hard to
> fight with flintlocks and spears when you know that once your people used
> to battle it out in space with giant battleships and robots.

But those fanatics have fists don't they? I mean, I know I am going OT, but
if these violence fanatics want violence they have pitchforks, sickles, axes,
etc. They may be farm tools, but an axe is a weapon, so is a rake if
sharpend and its made of metal. There will always be people that think that
violence is the only way to get their way. Even if its the stone age, rocks,
fists, and sticks exist and there would be a cave man with violent urges, who
forms an alliance with people of like mind. Then the peacefull people have to
use their farm tools to protect the innocent and themselves or the violent
fanatics will crash, kill, destroy them. On and on it goes, the peacefull
people turn into warriors to protect themselves and the innocent, the wars
end eventually, peace on earth, until someone decides violence is the only
way. On and on it goes...

Sorry for the rant,

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