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> > no offense intended, it's a great idea... but wasn't "Saving Private Ryan"
> > released last september? Some people didn't like the movie, believe it or
> > not. (I'm one of 'em.) Again, no offense intended.
> >
> > Matt "the voice of flawed logic" Hanyok
> "Some people" can go jump. SPR was great for a war footage type movie. I
> will agree that the plot was too "feel good" and it has the typical Spielberg
> ending but I need to see those two big battlescenes again.
> As for a Gundam movie like that you have to ask, are you aiming to please
> everyone and just make money or are you aiming for making a great, maybe
> disturbing movie? You can't have both. I'd take the first choice and if
> some people couldn't stomach it, the hell with them. You'd make less money
> but no one could say you were a sell-out.

That should have been "I'd take the second choice".


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