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> Subject: Re: [gundam]How would you redo Gundam if you could? WAS: The Gund

> > PS-And want this in theaters, on the big screen for every man, woman, and
> > child to see, feel, and remember.
> no offense intended, it's a great idea... but wasn't "Saving Private Ryan"
> released last september? Some people didn't like the movie, believe it or
> not. (I'm one of 'em.) Again, no offense intended.
> Matt "the voice of flawed logic" Hanyok

"Some people" can go jump. SPR was great for a war footage type movie. I
will agree that the plot was too "feel good" and it has the typical Spielberg
ending but I need to see those two big battlescenes again.

As for a Gundam movie like that you have to ask, are you aiming to please
everyone and just make money or are you aiming for making a great, maybe
disturbing movie? You can't have both. I'd take the first choice and if
some people couldn't stomach it, the hell with them. You'd make less money
but no one could say you were a sell-out.


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