[gundam] 0079 Series, Blue Destiny in MixxZine

Paul Fields (johnny_raiden@hotmail.com)
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 14:31:07 -0400

Up until Mark mentioned it last week I didn't know MixxZine was
serializing Blue Destiny, their website doesn't have anything on
it about BD. But running into my local shop I found the following

OCT/NOV Begin Blue Destiny
JAN New Installment, New MixxZine Format
FEB/MAR New Installment
APR/MAY Latest Issue

Was there a December issue, or were they busy with the new
format changes. OCT/NOV is 2-2, and JAN is 2-3, so do any
of you know of an issue I might be missing? They had at least
two of each issue there if anyone missed them, but let me know
if I need to hunt down more for myself. Does anyone know if the
Cyber Comix side stories will ever come out, Like 'Outer Gundam'
which seems similar to 'Blue Destiny' at this point if you only think
of it as 'Outer GM'.

Later Paul

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