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>I like the Turn A a lot better compared to the Flat and Wa Dom. After
>at it over and over again, I like the Turn A as a robot, but not as a Gundam
>right now. The Flat and Wa Dom don't have the feel of the Gundam saga
>but I guess these new designs are the new Gundam look. These designs are
>different, but I guess I can accept them, after I get used to these new MS

        After seeing the design, I took a stiff drink of the bitterest beer I
could find...and I realized that the Turn-A actually looks good. The
moustache is simply horrible because it doesn't fit the gundam look...but
it is a good design nonetheless. The body really reminds me of F91 stuff,
though, and the opening chest thing is obviously yet another iteration of
what was done with the virsago and the heavyarms. I like the design
though, and it qualifies as a gundam for me...not all the coolest gundam
stuff had headspikes....look at the gm!

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