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>> Hmmm..I have a zaku that is basically an FZ, then I have two spiked
>> shoulders on it....i also added a heat saber from a Dom to it, and then
> Sounds like a field-made proto-Gouf!

        I hadn't thought of it that way! but it does kinda make sense...funny
thing is, when my starwarsfreak friend saw it, he exclaimed that it looked
like darth I call it now my Zaku Vader version.

>> added a storm cloak which wraps around the arms and then the back of the
>> robot. I also replaced the tubes with black plastic hose. also in the
> What did you use for the cloak and for the hose?

        The cloak was from some scrap black velvet, while the hose is taken from
some of my spare EVA power coupling hoses.

>> head. Also, it has some guns taken from zoids sprouting all over it...
> Now that is kinda funny-sounding!

        It is attached to the shoulder spike covers, believ it or not...I know, it
makes the spikes useless as ramming weapons, but it makes it possible to
fight without raising an arm. of course, it has the zakufz machine gun and
the heat saber, just in case...I forgot, I used a Dwadge's pair of hands
for also putting in more modifications...

>> Another one is a 08ms zak with a desert zaku2's forearm weapons, and an
>> axe from the zaku-type of GX. There's also another Fz here with a desert
>> zaku2's hip clamp and bazooka. twin spiked shoulders also.
> Cool! Gotta dig those Zakus!
> -Probe

        Yeah, the durn things are just so...bashable.

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