Re: [gundam] More Turn-A MS info(was: More Turn-A Info in May Newtype)

Mark Simmons (
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 23:53:32 -0700

Jim Huang writes,

>While that's possible, I think the most logical source is from the drop
>operation 2 years ago. Loren and co. each arrived on their own
>Flat. We know they had hidden them out of sight. And we know all
>three of them are opposed to the invasion. So the most likely
>source of Flat for Militia if those three either turn those MS over or
>join up with those.

  Though they all came in the same Flat - it's a three-seater...

>How about "Lif" as in Fork-Lift. Suit its imagine fine.

  I'd read it as "Rib," given its chest design. Sounds more appropriate
than "Liv/Lib/Riv" or whatever permutation thereof.

SJ writes,

>Really? Lets see, doping can be done in your kitchen, if you know chemistry,
>have a spinner (for pottery), and have a fairly decent oven (again, for
>pottery). It's the lithography the would cause problems. But
>has been around since the 1800s,

  ...blah blah blah. Boy, sure am glad we're getting lectured about
manufacturing of photovoltaic cells instead of simulator sickness. Yawn.

-- Mark

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