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Mark Simmons (
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Dafydd writes,

>Note that Mark and I still disagree over the initial naming of the
>colony (he jumps directly to Zeon Republic, while I believe that
>Daikun would've opposed it havng his name while he was alive) and
>when he began espousing Contolism (I say before the move, Mark says
>after) but those are the kinds of quibbles we'll always have.
>The events and their sequence are well documented, however.

  To clarify: I have no particular opinion on these matters. I simply
translated the Shindosha timeline, which these days seems to be the
official one for all practical purposes. These details are as written
therein. Caveat lector. :-)

>Also, it should be noted that Minovsky designed the more efficient
>"closed-type" colonies at Side 3, so he was there from the beginning.

  Unless the closed design was a retrofit, as indicated by the Minovsky
biography "Stampede"...

-- Mark

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