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Sun, 11 Apr 1999 23:57:40 -0700

Dennis asks,

>where did they get the heat to start the he3 + he2 reaction 10^7K !!
>this is not a "egg or chicken first" question, i am serious.... how did
we do
>the h + he in the first place??

  The reaction is actually helium-3 and hydrogen-2 (AKA deuterium). And
yes, fusion of any kind reaquires really incredible pressure &
temperature. According to the essays in the Gundam The Movies film
comics, the Minovsky reactors used in mobile suits reduce the
requirements a bit - Minovsky particles join with the reactants to form
"pseudo-molecules," increasing reaction cross-section as in the very
similar muon-catalyzed fusion process, and the free Minovsky particles
line up in a grid structure that tends to channel the reactants as they
zing about and thus increases the odds of a collision...

>have anyone heard of the battle of midway in 1yw?? 0079 8 (i dont know the
>date) i found this in a rpg book, please confirm.

  That's the only reference to it, I'm afraid.

-- Mark

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