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<< May I cut in?
   This very thought crossed my mind as I began working on a
 fan-fiction story based on Z-Gundam just a few days ago. My
 obvious answer to the question is, of course, to write a
 fan-fiction story. >>

I myself took a crack at Gundam fan-fiction a few years ago. It was set
during the time of ZETA GUNDAM, though its roots go back to the One Year War.
It centered on two groups of characters, one was a group of Titans (who were
a tight-knit commando unit during the One Year War) who become disillusioned
with what they are part of and defect to the AEUG (shortly before the
beginning of ZG), bringing with them an advanced Mobile Suit cruiser (ala
HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER). With this ship, they engage in many attacks that keep
the Titans off-balance and keep the heat off the Agama, Camille and the

The other group was a Federal Force Agama-class ship that is sent out to
catch the renegade warship. This allowed me to explore the feelings of the
Federal Forces, and how they are caught up in an increasingly confusing
situation. I always felt the Feds have been treated very poorly in just about
all of the Gundam shows, this story gave them a chance to shine.

I was always bugged by ZETA GUNDAM when the Titans are exposed for the scum
they are, the Feds immediately support the AEUG. I decided to explore what
the feeling of the troops would be like when faced with that kinda situation.

My Titan defectors would also have had an at-times rocky relationship with
the AEUG, which which comes to a head when the AEUG decides to ally itself
with the Axis. At the same time, my Feds have to decide which side they are

In the end, the story was about choices, and finding it in yourself to make
the right ones. Lots of military themes of comradery, loyalty, honor, and

I had so many characters, and a really sweeping story, and that was only Part
1. Part 2 dealt alot with Amuro Ray, one of my Fed characters is a young,
natural Newtype who idolizes Amuro, whom he discovers is not the hero he
imagined him to be. I wanted to see how Amuro, who was basically shamed into
fighting during ZETA GUNDAM, become the real leader we see in CHAR'S

I also wanted to depict a REAL war between the Axis and Feds, which is
basically ignored by GUNDAM ZZ, and I think I came up with a really
interesting way to do it.

well, enough rambling. It's just something I've had for a long time. If
anyone wants to hear anymore, email me.


P.S. as far as re-doing Gundam. I'd hire either Hajime Katoki or Yutaka
Izubuchi to redo all the mechs, and just update the damn original show. I'm
really very shocked that they have not done this.

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