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May I cut in?

  This very thought crossed my mind as I began working on a
fan-fiction story based on Z-Gundam just a few days ago. My
obvious answer to the question is, of course, to write a
fan-fiction story.

  In my story, Four Murasame is aided by a "mysterious"
benefactor who somehow gains knowledge of her plight and decides
to recruit her into a more beneficial cause (in this case, a
special vigilante squad dedicated to intervening in the
escalating conflicts between the Earth Federation and the
colonies, sort of like the BGC Knight Sabres, except that they
use custom-made MS). Of course this would require tearing up a
whole lot of what Yoshiyuki Tomino had set down at the time
concerning the other established characters that I would be using
in this story, such as Sayla Mass (Artesia Daikun), Christine
McKenzie, and Roux Rouka. (The inspiration from said teamup of
characters comes from a series of CD jackets illustrated by Yuzo

  That being said, I'd have to say that I would probably change
very little in the setting and chronology of the conflicts as
established in the UC story (it's that good, at least as of the
some character bits that I would change. Such as the death of

  However, those are subject to inidivual opinion and works of
fan-fiction. I can't really do anything about the original work
of Tomino-san and company except appreciate it, and join in the
discussion of said features. wrote:
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> > no offense intended, it's a great idea... but wasn't "Saving Private Ryan"
> > released last september? Some people didn't like the movie, believe it or
> > not. (I'm one of 'em.) Again, no offense intended.
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> No offense taken. I was just stating my opinion.
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