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> You know, even though I must admit I haven't taken to the new mecha
> I must admit the idea of the show really intrigues me precisely because it
> isn't Gundam. I mean I would love to see more "classic" Gundam since I
> the Original series and the spin-offs, but this new show sounds really
> interesting. I actually look forward to seeing it.

Me too. The story sounds VERY interesting. But, couldn't this be done outside
of the Gundam universe? I am curious to see how this new show ties into the
Gundam universie. I have only seen Wing so far, but have read about all the
other Gundam shows and expect for G Gundam, all the other stories do seem to
be rehashes of the first Gundam story. Turn A was supposed to turn the all
Gundam universe upside down from what I have read on this ML, but are the
hard core Gundam fans ready for a total shake up of the usual Gundam theme.
This new show is totally different and doesn't seem to connect with the other
Gundam shows. I really am very excited to see the Turn A anime, to see how it
ties into the "whole" of the Gundam saga. I also like the idea of the
earthers digging up the "old" Mobile Suits of their forefathers.

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