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Tabby (
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 18:26:40 -0700

>Kota Fujimura wrote:
>> I'm not sure if you guys
>> realize this, but you are the exact audience Tomino is trying to stay away
>> from.

Ah, but we *are* part of the audience Bandai wants to appeal to! Keep in
mind, if it weren't for the toy market there probably wouldn't have been
mecha in Tomino's Aura Battler Dunbine. He literally added the robots to
sponsor the story. All preachy/non-preachy issues aside, it's the potential
for toy robots that allows Tomino to tell his stories, and that simply
can't be overlooked. At some point, Bandai looked at the Turn-A designs and
approved them by saying "Yeah, we can sell those."

And for my two yen, I *like* the Turn-A design, regardless of the
moustache. Its lines remind me of the RX-78, and that's quite enought for me.

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