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>People forget what a revolution Z Gundam was. Tomino took everything from
>the original series and turned it upside down. The RX-178 Gundam Mk.II was
>BLACK and it was on the Bag Guy's side. The Federation had turned evil and
>it was up to Char and the AEUG to set things right. The MSZ-006 Z Gundam
>was a radical departure from the original RX-78 -- a new face,
>transformable, FOUR-pronged antenna, etc.
>And we LOVED it! Hence Sentinel and a new generation of Gundam fans who
>would go on to become Gundam pros.
>But never again would Gundam be so radically changed within the UC

Let's not forget the Hi-Zaks, new generation Zakus built by the
*Federation*, complete with Gundam-style shields. Many designs in Zeta
seemed to intentional contrasts to the original series. One of the most
radical was the slim, angular Type-100, awfully Gundamesque but still an
unrelated design, drastically different form Char's Zion suits, and painted
gold no less(but I still think Nagano had something to do with that)!
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